Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Robert Ionut Istrate testimonial from East Ham East London E6

Testimonial from Mr Robert Ionut Istrate:

For the best driving instructor and a good friend all along! I recommend the most trusted because he is very honest and knows how to do his job! He is very demanding and sometimes even scare you but my opinion is verygood as you can go to test conscientious having more chances of success! He is not the first instructor whotaught me but the only one who brought me success! all respect from me for you will not regret if you choose Noel as your driving instructor! thanks

Tuesday, 8 February 2011


Driving is a wonderful experience if you live in round East London, its enjoyable and very rewarding useful life time experience. In today modern world of technology having your driving licence is an asset. In order to accumulate asset we may need to invest our hard earned money. That is why every year nearly million new learner drivers take the UK DSA driving test. Each learner driver with one clear ambition. This ambition is almost certainly the same as yours – to pass their DSA driving test first time.

If you want to learn to drive and pass first time, there is no substitute for practical driving lessons and learn with a good professional driving instructor or a reputable driving school, who has up-to-date teaching technique.

I am a DSA approved driving instructor Noel Christopher. Since year 2000 I have developed good teaching techniques to help learner drivers to enjoy learning experience. Using a mixture of illustration, your personal life time experience and teaching safe driving technique one can learn to remember, adapt and change their attitude to become good drivers.

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Pulling out in front of a white van

Few days ago my student was on a driving test in Goodmayes East London. He emerged from the side road to turn left by pulling out, which made the driver slow down a lot (small gap). This student failed with 1 serious fault and 4 minor mistakes. Later I asked him, "why did you pulled out". He said "Noel this test is just one money making schemes, you can't drive like they want, its not normal! The van was far away so what if he slows down a bit". All the things we the driving instructor teach has a small affect on their over all road attitude from this observation. No wonder young drivers pay such a high insurance premium.