Thursday, 4 March 2010

Blowing your nose behind a wheel

Dad Michael Mancini 39 who refused to pay a fine or blowing his nose at the wheel, has been old he will face no further action in Prestwick, Ayrshire.
I think his officers need to work in Brixton London and they mite just be blow...... out. Check out the site

Cleaning teeth at 70mph

Driver fined
A women was caught flossing her teeth as she drove at 70mph on a motorway.
The 36-year old was spotted by traffic cops using the dental floss while looking in her rear view mirror.
She was fined £60 and lectured about careless driving after she was nabbed on the M4 near Newport, South Wales.
Police warned that many drivers put lives at risk of vanity. Sun 27-Feb-2010 page 31.

I think she needs to help out just one day in the AE-hospital on a Fiday night. How stupid one can become behind wheel.

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